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Our partners - Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS), «GASPROM» JSC.


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About us

“RADECO Group” ltd -  a General supplier of electronic, radio and mechanical components within Holding “GTL" and its partner companies. Within the company “RADECO Group” ltd total quality management system had been developed, implemented and is continuously improving. International quality control certificate ISO 9001 and Military register certificate are obtained (Federal standard ISO 9001-2008 and Federal Military register 15.002.2003)


Our mission – meeting the demands of customer and manufacturer. 

Our principles - discipline, professionalism, implicit compliance of commitments, stable result.


Company was founded in 2003 and is a performance division of “GTL” JSC (web-site of a holding company:

“GTL “ JSC – is a research and manufacturing company, concerned in development, manufacturing and implementation of  innovative energy-efficient and environmentally compliant oil and gas equipment.  Holding company “GTL” is accomplishing a number of complicated highly innovative projects in Belgium, Africa, Latvia, Austria, Malaysia and at the moment is on the step of collaborations concerning other comparable projects.   Company’s strategic goal is to become one of the top-three global leaders in development, manufacturing, selling and servicing of AcomGTL (automated compact Gas-to-Liquid processing) and to provide more than 50% of demand in associated gas processing equipment in the world and up to 10% in Russia.  





Federal state-owned enterprise “Research and Experimental Centre of space industry” (FKP “NIC RKP”)

-  Federal Space Agency head testing center  for developmental testing of liquid rocket engines, propulsion systems of various fuel components, testing of spacecrafts in thermal invironment simulation chamber, research of problems with  rockets-vehicles  and launching facilities. On the Basis of “NIC RKP” improvement and bench running of "GTL" technolgies  are assembled. 




"Gazprom" JSC - one of the largest energy companies in the world. Its main activities are geologic exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing and  selling of hydrocarbons, same as production and sale of electricity and heat energy. "Gazprom" JSC promotes projest GTL on the foreign markets and in negotiation with foreign partners. 




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