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"RADECO Group" company's description

Plants, manufactured by “GTL” JSC – are complicated, high-tech products, that contain a numerous amount of components.  Their production also means a wide range of electronic components. For these needs holding company “GTL” JSC since 2003 includes “RADECO Group” ltd engaged in the purchase of electronic components.  This affiliated company, in addition to oil & gas industry, also supplies high quality electronic components from foreign and domestic manufacturers to the companies of electronic, communications, automobile manufacturing, aviation and space industries. Within the company “RADECO Group” ltd total quality management system had been developed, implemented and is continuously improving. International quality control certificate ISO 9001 and Military register certificate are obtained (Federal standard ISO 9001-2008 and Federal Military register 15.002.2003) 


“GTL” JSC presents its performance division “RADECO Group” ltd.

June, 5-th 2011 management of  “GTL” JSC made a decision to introduce “RADECO Group” ltd, a company supplying electronic components, to external market. “RADECO Group” was established in 2003 to meet the demands of “GTL”JSC. During this time:

  • a substantial supplier base has been made – about 100 manufactures;
  • total quality management system had been developed, implemented and is continuously improving – including certificates ISO 9001 - 2008 and certificate of Military register 15.002.2003;
  • in accordance with “GTL” JSC human recourses policy, the team of specialists of a highest level had been formed.

These reasons have made it rational to initiate the supply of electronic components for our partners.

Management of holding company “GTL” believes that significant experience in working with international manufacturers and national institutions of the level of FSA “RusSpace”, “Gazprom” JSC, together with flexible, friendly to the needs of the customer policy of “RADECO Group” ltd will provide a rapid and exclusive feeling of various contracts on the market of electronic components.


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