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28 September 2011 News

TI's new 6LoWPAN sub-1GHz solutions deliver mesh wireless Internet connectivity to metering, security, street lighting, building automation and other spaces


Imagine street lights that are wirelessly monitored and controlled, enabling city planners to plan bulb replacements and ensure proper lighting for drivers if weather conditions change. This and other great things will be possible with TI's new sub -1 GHz 6LoWPAN technology.

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN), the industry leader in highly integrated wireless connectivity solutions, today introduced new sub-1 GHz 6LoWPAN solutions, aimed at providing a gateway for remote, low-cost wireless sensors to connect to the Internet and a wireless extension of wired IPv6 infrastructures. By operating in the sub-1GHz band, TI's 6LoWPAN solutions offer longer wireless range at lower power levels than traditional 2.4 GHz-based 6LoWPAN offerings. The 6LoWPAN solutions support large-scale mesh networks and are suitable for applications such as Smart Grid, security, home and building automation, street lighting and other wireless sensor networks. The new product family includes the CC1180 network processor, CC430  complete system-on-chip (SoC) microcontrollers, 6LoWPAN software stack, and CC-6LOWPAN-DK-868 development kit.

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