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18 August 2011

Fifth-generation fighter aircraft T-50 demonstrated on MAKS-2011



In the sky of Jukovkyi in terms of International Aviation and Space Salon - MAKS - 2011  a prototype of Russian fifth-generation  fighter aircraft  T-50 had demonstrated its abilities. The aircraft was shown to the public at first time.  For  the secrecy reasons,  on MAKS the aircraft flew from the other aerodrom, so could had been seen  only in the air.


Rerports of the soonest start T-50, or as it is also called the PAK FA (promising aviation complex for tactical aviation),  to the air had been coming since 2005, but PAK FA only had been taken off  in January 2010. Distinctive characteristics of the T-50 fighter aircraft are:extra maneuverability  obtained due to the engines with thrust vectoring control, radars with phased arrays, multifunctionality, replacement of pointer instruments with displays and other innovations. 


In comparison with its main rival american F-22 Raptor (the solitary 5-th generation fighter) T-50 is expected to be more maneuvering.

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