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26 September 2011 ExpositionsNews

Robotic Orchestra Hits Right Notes for Industrial Control

The tech world is rife with conductors, but this one has nothing to do with transmitting heat, electricity or light. In this case, the conductor leads a robotic orchestra.

Dubbed the Intel Industrial Control in Concert, this machine-to-machine-controlled collection of digitally connected vibraphones, xylophones, high-hats and other sound-making devices is intended to demonstrate the simplicity of building a state-of-the-art smart system using off-the-shelf technologies based on common x86 chip architecture, according to Intel's Drew Pool.

The orchestra's conductor is a palm-sized computer motherboard powered by an Intel Atom processor surrounded by dozens of wires and white PVC tubing that snakes from one instrument to the next. The crowd-pleasing project cost approximately $160,000 to build and debuted at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.



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